Corona virus is a new challenge that we are facing at present. Till now we do not have any medicine or vaccine to cure or prevent the disease but we can strengthen our immunity as our immunity is best defense against the corona virus 
Here we will discuss 5 poses which will greatly enhance our immunity by working on organs which are directly for it :  
Adho Mukha Svana
  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana : This pose causes complete body stretching and the inversion of head, chest, especially pelvis aids in activating lymphatic system, lymph drainage etc. since pelvis is a major area of lymphatic activity. Staying in this pose for a longer duration(2-3 mins) helps in boosting immunity since it leads to a much rapid lymph drainage. This pose also increases helps in clearing out the sinuses  
  2. 84-Uttana-(Custom) Uttanasana: Since corona virus enters out system mainly through nasal and oral passages, forward bends and inverted poses are beneficial as they increase Pranic flow towards the sinuses which help with congestion and mucus drainage. Staying in this pose for a longer time (2-3 mins) will help in proper movement of Lymph and other fluids in these areas making them less susceptible to infection. Increased lymph mobility towards neck and face would kill any germs and viruses that are entering our system  
  3. supta badhhakonasanaSupta Baddha Konasana:  A lot of lymph nodes are located in pelvis region and once this region is stretched, the lymph is mobilized from this area. We have also raised the thymus area in this pose by keeping our chest on the pillow which would further enhance the functionality of this gland. 
  4. Setu Bandha- HathaSetu Bandhasana: This pose opens up the chest, increasing lung capacity and blood circulation towards the respiratory area. Staying in this position would also improve functioning of the thymus gland. Do the counter pose Apanasana Knees-to-chest pose after this pose 
  5. 76-Sarvanga-(Custom)Sarvangasana or Viprit karni : The Sanskrit name of this pose literally means pose for all the organs of the body. These poses are very beneficial for thymus, spleen and supply more oxygen to entire organ systems enhancing  immunity and vital energies. Stay in this pose for 2-3 minutes. If you are not comfortable in any of these two positions then you can place a block underneath your hips with back lying on the floor, raising your legs directly upwards. This is an alternative position for activating the lymphatic drainage in and around the pelvic region 
In the end, relax yourself by coming into Savasana. In the current situation we can practice yoga at home to strengthen our bodies and to increase our mental peace. Instead of going outwards lets practice going inwards 

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Corona Inspiration Story 


Written by Yogini Akshul Rana 



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