सूर्यचंद्रनाड़ी आसन
Two people have recently defeated corona with Vashistha Yoga Teaching, one from Bhilwara, Rajasthan and another from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Yoga helps in maintaining a calm mind which is very important as stress weakens immunity. Another important factor is the relation of back bending Poses with the Thymus Gland. Thymus gland plays a major role in regulating a person’s immunity and through various poses of yoga, which constitute all kinds of back bends we can enhance the functioning of this gland. But the one practice of yoga which has proven to be a real boon in fighting this disease is the Vashistha Pranayama. Yoga Guru Dheeraj emphasis that Vashisha Pranayam is very natural way of Breathing . Incorporation of breathe retention (Kumbhakas) into this pranayama practice would further enhance the good effect. The white blood cells (WBCs) of the person will benefit from this practice and these cells are a major component of our body’s defence mechanism. This pranayama is also beneficial for the digestive system, urinary system and for enhancing mental concentration. It activates the parasympathetic response which increases a person’s general sense of well- being. If done before going to sleep the quality of sleep is greatly enhanced. A person who has asthma or heart surgery should not practice locks and breathe retention, they may practice just natural way of Vashistha Pranayama. 

 वशिष्ठ प्राणायाम कैसे बना संजीवनी ( हिंदी ) 



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