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Uttarayan is regarded as one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. Specially in Gujarat, you can find so much craze to celebrate Uttrayana by playing with Kites. You can not plan any event in this particular day in Gujarat, because no one going to show interest in it. But, This day is very significant in terms of Physical, Mental and Spiritual well being.  In terms of Yoga Sadhana, Dakshinayana is related to purification (शुद्धि) and Uttarayan is related to enlightenment (चैत्नयता). Sun is represented as Consciousness or Chaitanya in Veda. Spiritual belief is that the human system is more receptive to grace at the time of Uttarayan than any other. That’s why from ancient time we ‘Salute the Sun’ or do “Surya Namaskar” as part of spiritual practice on this very important day. So, Vashistha Yoga decided to appeal to mass to practice Surya Namaskara on this very special day of Uttrayan or Makar Sankranti. We did it at Event Center of Sabarmati Riverfront, Ahmedabad ; and response was so nice and inspirational.  Yoga Guru Dheeraj Vashistha says we need to spread the message of yoga and sooner or later people will see the truth and come in counter with it. Here, some pictures from  Free Surya Namaskar Sadhana’ Event : –  

Sharing Right way of Surya Namaskara : Yoga Guru Dheeraj and other Teachers  


Surya Namaskar : Moving Meditation Flow + Right Alignment : The Participants  



Launching of New Booklet of Surya Namaskar written by Yoga Guru Dheeraj  


Surya Namaskara Booklet Free Distribution by Vashistha Yoga

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The Sun is Shining Now  


Click here, Read all about Surya Namaskara : Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Tradition    

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